tirsdag 9. januar 2007


Half way there…
Norwegian, Spanich and English this time.....
Help _I been here half of mye time alreaddy! The time is just flying away! And because of mye visa renewing I had to go to Nicuragua for a week... and that week is also sun finiched. Were do the time go?
Wel -It been funn! This week I been both to a 1600meter tal vulkano. on the island opetepe in the midel og the biggest lake down here. And mye leggs hurts -yes -but in a good way. They remind me of the beutiful lagune in the inside of the vulkano. And of the jugel trip up and down that took us 8 houers. Whith the monkeys skreaming and swinging in the trees and with mudd upp to our ankels -we feelt realy eksotic.Hehe.
Also the towns here are muthc more interesting than in Costa Rica. Here they actualy have old buildings -in Costa Rica ewerywere is new houses -the old is throuen away. Sad. Wel more colors here as wel Granada was so sharming I almoust went back there insted of going on the this place: San juhan del sur... but i am glad I came here -because this is the surfers paradise... and a lot of nice things to wath... than i mean their teckink of surfing ofcourse ;) Wel.... Have to go out to the sun again sun -but it is hot here and it is werry nesesery with siestas. Trankila days ahed yeah... Love it love it!
Hugs to you from Lydia in Paradice.

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