fredag 17. november 2006

People that been there and done that…

Well ... been there -done that.

Rigth now am I tying to gather some thougths, as I listen to the reggae music in this hippi cafee , wile all the people around me are all telling eath other where they have been and what they have done. It can be rathe funney to listen to.... why do we tell this big news to eathc other as it was somthing that we do not care for muthc ? (-espessialy the boys) someone is saying "oh I been there -"I did" the Kilimanjaro last year and than I did the roundtrop in Africa" and similiar things -and I thinck i can see that they realy are dying of pride, and they rejoyce to telling about all the mountains they climb -but they trye all they can to ceap a cool surface. I noticed this espesialy whenI started doing this myeself... trying to make a empression that this is something I do eweryday -I seen it all. I know the world! or.... Wel -I deside that from now I wil not do this silly thing anymore, but be as entusiastic as I feel about the storryes i can tell about mye edventures. Because it is to funney to listen to this people.
(Or it is tragic... if they are unnable to be amacd bye annything. Hopefully they are pretending)
This is realy an adventure for me! 
Somthing that wil newer come back -a uniqu chanse. 
And I am so lucking forward to the spanich class I wilstat tomorrow -to meet the fammely I am going to move to and the work I wil start after the spanich class. 
I have problems sleaping actually. Because i am so happy to be here -and i feal so wonderful crasy and free. 
And because I know I have walked across Spane and to "the end of the world" -nothing is inposible! Hehe. 
Life is just one chanse -so i¨ll take it!"
And God is with me as always... And I thinck we wil have a wonderful time. 
I know He migth have in mind some musel building for me -and that can feal hard att the moment -butt Iwil survive! And I wil be stronger. What does not cill you just makes you stroger you know....I dont thinck God will nearly cill me -dont worry. But I hope to develope mye charekter more than I hope to develope mye spanich. Learn to realy know myeself -why do i do what I do and react as I do? I hope to break ewen more free. Like a seed in the ground... streathcing for ligth and the life ower the surface... some smal seeds can become "moy moy grande" trees.... What seed am I realy? The heaven seed that is within me is sepose to become a werry big tree it says in the Bibel ...Gods holey spirit -the spirit of amacing love -the spirit of Jesus Christus  is abel to do miracels.... to heal this heart and free me more. The true and real love make all fear disapear. (! John 4).
But pleace pray for me. I hope I wil not end upp onely as a hippi globe trotter -but realy stress down with the guitar I plan to buy and a bisicleta I can travel around with. Hope that i wil not shop until i drop, althoug things are so cheap mannytimes... I dot want to depend on al this material things.
I just want to have some time. 
Time is what life is made of? 
I wil not be saying in a hig age 
" all the days that came and went -I did not know that they was mye life" 
And I pray that you wount eather.
God bless your heart and not your acount ; so you can be truly rithc.

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